Romance Among the Fishes

Romance Among the Fishes

"Romance Among the Fishes”, recorded in New York in August 2004, came out of a commission for the 2004 Cheltenham Jazz Festival. The music demonstrates Liam Noble’s highly original approach to composition in a suite which was written specifically for the players featured on the album. Tom Rainey’s highly original percussive style and Drew Gress’s virtuosic and responsive bass playing were Liam’s inspiration for the work. With his long-term associate guitarist Phil Robson, whose versatility complements Liam’s inventiveness as an improvising pianist, the quartet have created pieces that demonstrate a strong musical empathy between players whose backgrounds and influences are very diverse. The music has developed a style and energy of its own since its original airing at the Cheltenham Festival where John Fordham described it in the following way:

'The sharp-end American bass/drums duo of New York downtowners Drew Gress and Tom Rainey were mixed into another cocktail on Monday, playing the music of the British pianist Liam Noble, with Phil Robson on guitar...the percussively algebraic finale Jitters brought inventive collective jittering of a clarity, focus and density that sounded like the music of regular partners'. John Fordham, The Guardian

Basho Records SRCD 13-2

01 Jitters (Noble) 4:07
02 Therapy (Noble) 6:59
03 Enchante (Noble) 8:01
04 Bunker (Noble) 5:29
05 A Broken Cream (Noble/Rainey) 1:45
06 Bluebear (Noble) 7:32
07 Where do they go (Gress/Noble) 2:11
08 Regular Intervals (Noble) 3:52
09 The Butterflies (Robson/Noble) 1:05
10 Romance Among the Fishes (Noble) 6:28

Recorded at The Studio, Greene St, New York City 12/13 August 2004
Recording Engineer Katherine Miller
Assistant Recording Engineer Eiji Takasugi
Mastered by Chris Lewis, Lewis Audio, London
Produced by Liam Noble and Phil Robson Executive Producer Christine Allen




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